About Billy

Billy is the World's First CEO Cat!  He eats, breathes and sleeps KittyUtopia, to better help cats all over the world  bring a bit of KittyUtopia into their lives.

Billy Paw-Selects every product, checking for cat-friendly aspects, like taste, smell, warmth, texture and durability.

Billy Boy the Cat was born on March 4, 1999 with a thirst for knowledge and a curious nature. Billy's hobbies include eating plastic, playing hide-and-seek and working on the computer late into the night.


  • Pouncing when something smells fishy
  • Knowing when to purr softly and a when to hiss loudly
  • Landing on his feet, no matter how high he climbs
  • Able to calmly talk about the mouse in the room
  • Doesn't climb into anything he can't get out of
  • Knows how to claw his way out, when he finds himself tied in knots


Purr-due University

Bachelors of Kitty Anthropology – June 2004


08/02 – 10/04 Fluffy's Diner; Indiana

Billy began as a dishwasher and quickly moved up to head waiter and sous-chef at Fluffy's Diner.  This experience taught him that there is always a warm place to curl up on the job and that people do not like cat hair in their food.


10/04 – 05/08 US Armed Forces; Virginia

After graduating from Purr-due, Billy enlisted in the US Armed Forces, inspired by his idol, former Navy fighter pilot and renowned animal activist, Bob Barker.  While enlisted, Billy excelled at keeping his uniform nicely pressed, leadership and even made a few lifelong friends.


06/08 – 06/10 FUR Associates Architecture Firm; New York

Upon leaving the service, Billy began his career designing cat-friendly homes, with places to climb, lots of windows and built-in warm spots.  He excelled at designing cat utopias, but had problems picking up pens and not chewing on the supplies.


07/10 – Present,  KittyUtopiaTM, LLC; New Jersey

After a period of time designing homes, Billy decided he would much rather focus his energy on helping cats make their own homes more cat-tastic.  Thus, he created KittyUtopiaTM, to share with the world his Book



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